After reading forums and experts reviews, I have concluded that most users and professionals do not like cartridges of this model. Many of them are not able to be used for more than 2 refills. I believe that the problem lies not in the cartridge. Most of the people, who try to fulfill these cartridges do not have enough perseverance and desire to bring the work to the end. And of course, prevent all sorts of bad advice on forums, such as: "I fill these with HP toner 1005", "terrible cartridges! I have not disassemble them, and simply fill it with toner through the cork." And what can we learn from these fellows? In this tutorial I'll will explain you, how to refill these cartridges. I will reveal a few secrets that will help you during refilling Samsung MLT D101S MLT D111S. Follow the instructions and you can easily refill these cartridges up to 15 times, it's guaranteed!

1) Remove the side cover on the cartridge. If the cartridge is a new, cover will be soldered on the plastic clip. Clips should be cut with something sharp. Pry the latch side with flathead screwdriver, and the cover can be easily removed. 


2) Remove the waste toner. Remove the drum and the primary charge roller.


3) Remove the two screws that hold the wiper blade. Remove the wiper blade and remove the waste toner.


4) Removethe wastetoner from the hopper.


5) Install the wiper blade to its original place and tighten it. Apply talcum powder on the wiper blade. Talcum powder is needed to allow the drum to rotate freely and does not rub against the wiper blade.


6) Set all parts in place and set aside the hopper with toner.


7) Take the main hopper. Remove the side cover, it keeps the developer roller.


8) Take out the developer roller and wipe it with a dry cloth. Note bushing (red cap). Not lose it!


9) Unscrew and remove the blade and clean it with cloth. Clearly wipe dispenser it's a 50% success in a cartridge refilling. Pay attention to the blade edge, where you will find a snuff. This snuff must be removed. Do not scratch the blades edge!


10) Clear the hopper from the old toner. Clean the shaft of the toner supply, rotate it, and wipe once again. It is necessary to remove all the old toner from the roller.


11) Fill the cartridge with a new toner. These cartridges have to be filled with 45-60 grams of toner, if you fill more, there is a probability of printing defects. Choose the right toner! Look in the compatibility sheet for your toner cartridge type.


12) Pick up all cartridge parts in the reverse, and check it!


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